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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 15, 2015 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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bicyclist who was killed in a freak traffic accident on staten island. police say the 21-year-old alexey cioffi was riding a bike on hyland boulevard near bay terrace. that is when a boat being towed by a black pickup truck detached in front of her. she was crushed and killed by the trwhailer. >> i look now and i see a woman,i e's flailing around on the actual streetgr and the traffic was beyond belief. and then you look on the other side and there was another body right over there, a body i think, because she wasn't moving. >> oh, my gosh. anotreher woman also hurt. th morning she's in critical condition. police have not said if the driver towing this boat will face any charges. authorities in pennsylvania are expected to speak today about the charges being filed in the hazing death of a baruch college student. 19-year-old michael den died nearly two years ago following a hazing ritual in the poconos. now the pi delta psy fraternity are being charged with third degree murder.
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32 other members face other charges including assault. >> really happy that they finally pressed charges on these people because i think t's really important also to send that message that this is completely unacceptable. >> but a lawyer for one of the two students calls this a case of overcharging. he tells n s 4 he believes many of those students will be acquitted. 5:04 now. happening today the bronx woman accused of using two pit bulls to attack a man is due in court. 54-year-old cynthia oliver facing eight counts of as sault, two charges of reckless endanger meant. potice say on friday she unleashed her dogs on francisco bouver. he was mauled for eight minutes. a woman in the building said she, too, was a victim of these gs. >> they jumped at me. he punctured the skin. i had to get a tetanus shot.
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>> they was time bombs. >> news 4 has learned that their owner, cynthia oliver, has been arrested 37 times before. 5:05 right now. we'll check on weather and traffic. we'll check in with chris cimino. >> there's nothing going on behind here from basically the east coast all the way out to the mississippi. it is very, very quiet. with high pressure in charge and only moving slowly eastward over the next few days we'll hold onto the very nice weather with sunshine. cle r sky right now. starting out wi at 63 degrees in the city. few 40s in the suburbs and it's jacket weather. the problem is you won't need it bya afternoon. by noon, 78. by 3:00, forecasting high of 84 degrees. stays bright and sunny throughout. does it last through the weekend? we'll find out. early tuesday morning commute, lauren. >> the roads look good this morning. we have a couple of detours out there on the buses. bx 5, bx 24 and q 50 detours again.
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major commuter lines, they all look good. the subways do, too, with the exception of the f train suspension. alternate side parking suspended but meter rules are in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. 5:06. police releasing video of a violent attack in the bronx. it is real hard to watch, but they hope that it will lead to an arrest. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in bedford park. tracie? >> reporter: kerry, it really makes you gasp when you see it. it was released by polic early this morning. now that victim that you're about to see is recovering from a facial fracture and a cut to the head after an attempted robbery right in this neighborhood last wednesday night. first in the video taken by security camera on the building you can see the suspect. this is when he's approaching. he's wearing gloves and he's described as being between 5'8" and 5'11". he's bald and at this point he's walking towards the apartment building's vest stib buel.
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then you see him approaching a femay. victim, 40 years old according to police. she tries to get in the door. he grabs her from behind and tries to take her purse. when she resists he punches her in the face. she falls to the ground and he goes back for more. at one point he's trying to rip the pocketbook from her shoulder. she's trying to recover from what happened. after a struggle authorities say he got away with nothing but fled on a bike. now posters we saw are up in the apartment building. they were placed by police there. it's an attempted strong-armed robbery that they're trying to find this guy for. he was last seen fleeing eastbound on 201st street. kerry, of course, anyone with any information on who that can be asked to contact police immediately. but, again, that woman is recovering from a facial fracture as well as a cut to the head. she had to be hospitalized as a result of what happened here. back to you. >> tracie, thank you. a former doctor accused of killing a yale university
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physician remains incompetent to stand trial. he's charged with shooting dr. van jindertoor five years ago. he's accused of tiring at tore's pregnant wife. a hearing will be held by the end of october to determine if wang should be given antipsychotic drugs to prepare for trial. they've arrested an 18-year-old staten island man in connection with an attempted rape. shazid akbar attacked a woman last tuesday. they say she started screaming, he took off. akbar is charged with sexual abuse and burglary. 5:08. new this morning we're learning more about the arrest of rutgers star receiver leonte caru. he was arrested 48 minutes after saturday's game. he's charged with assault in a domestic violence incident. six other rutgers players were kicked off of that team in two weeks.
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two were charged in home invasions and the other four are facing assault charges. 5:09 now. in this morning's cnbc money report, halloween candy. millions of americans are working on their holiday shopping list. according to new credit survey, about 32 million americans have actually begun their holiday shopping. who are these people? studies found parents are twice as likely as people who don't have children to have started shopping already. check in with kerry doing that. get this, 2% of -- 2%, about 4.6 finished. who are these people? >> i do not like them. >> no. >> the rest expected to wrap up by the end of november. >> i can't even -- i don't even -- i know santa's always >> always watching. >> starts in about june. >> right. what the children want changes >> daily. daily it changes. >> there we go.
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>> all right. 5:10 right now. donald trump's replacement is revealed. we'll tell you who's taking over his role on the "celebrity apprentice." running wild. an unexpected guest checks in. plus, your weather and traffic on the 4s. you're watching "today in new york."
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5:15 right now. here's four things to know right now. breaking news in utah where flash floods are being blamed at this point for eight deaths and there are several more people still missing. we'll update you on the search efforts throughout our morning. also today, a moment of gridlock in manhattan. the united nations assembly begins. pope francis will be addressing the assembly when he visits next week. right now police are looking for a person who threw a bike in front of a metro-north train in the bronx. they slammed on the brakes but it caused delays for hours. still no deal on long island
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following hours of mediation. school bus drivers want higher pay and better benefits. a dozen school districts in nassau and suffolk counties will be impacted by this possible strike. >> 5:14. weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, as much as we enjoyed this weather, we got some rain last week, in some places too much. we probably could use a little bit more. >> didn't put much of a dent in the reservoirs in new jersey. the main reservoirs upstate of new york city, still okay. we need the rain. these patterns going 7 to 10 days without a rain, that could be an issue for a while. a chilly start out there, in the 40s and 50s in the suburbs. we have a day filled with sunshine from sun up to sun down. little if any cloud cover at all. not as breezy and a little bit warmer at that. starting to see the temperatures climb a couple of degrees every day into the middle of the week. pollen reports. certainly some pollen. all in the ragweed and weeds category. ragweed very high. that's it for the allergy sufferers.
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56 at valley stream. kings park, same thing. 55 in babylon. we've seen the east end of the pine bearers, westhampton, down to 48 degrees. into the cat skills, poconos, probably some lower 40s before the morning is through. cool autumnal start. getting a lesson in geography, nothing happens here. the sky is clear at noon. you go into the evening hours. the sky is clear. go right through tomorrow, cloudless just about. really nothing to talk about at all. even on to thursday, things are quiet and there's no sign of any significant rain heading our way any time soon. our next chance of a shower might come along on sunday. so for today we're expecting a high of 84 degrees. normal high, 76. above normal about 5 to 10 miles an hour. those losing daylight, sunrise at 6:36. sets at 7:05. lower 80s through many northern suburbs. red hot mets, eight in a row.
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magic number ten. first pitch 7:10. beautiful night for a ball game at city field. 66 in the city. 60 in east chester. 50s in the burbs. a little further north and west to find the 40s. we're starting to see a moderating trend with the temperatures. tomorrow 87 expected high. in the same ballpark on thursday. same thing for friday with sunshine. middle 80s. humidity level stays decent. 83 on saturday. passing shower on sunday. little bit cooler next week with a high on monday of 76. let's find out if there are any issues for the commute this morning. lauren? >> minor issues. road work causing delays on the connecticut turnpike. clearing construction between exit 16 and 13. delays have eased out a little bit before this was jammed up a few minutes ago. that's great news. heading over to new jersey route 10 heading westbound, an accident by dover chester road. there's a downed utility pole. one lane gets by. thankfully it's pretty early so it's pretty quiet.
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live look outside, 495 as you make your way towards the lincoln tunnel. smooth sailing in both directions out there. new jersey overall with the exception of the route 10 avenue. train suspension on f train. otherwise your subways look good. alternate side street parking rules are suspended today. you still need to feed the meter. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. thank you, very much, lauren. 5:18. now to decision 2016. the front-runner on the gop side still donald trump has a big following of supporters but also of protesters as well. nbc's tracie potts is in washington. tracie, we've seen that with appearances. lots of people supporting him and lots of people outside protesting that appearance. >> reporter: true. in dallas, not nearly as many people we saw protesting as we
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saw inside supporting him. here's the thing, donald trump has solidified his lead as the number one candidate since the last debate and now he's got targeted candidates on both sides taking aim. >> number one in every single poll! >> reporter: donald trump drawing 15,000 supporters and some protests last night in dallas. he'll be center stage at tomorrow night's debate. >> the debate, i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. >> it's so hard to attack donald trump because he's not playing by the rules that everyone else plays with. >> reporter: hillary clinton in iowa targeting her own sagging poll numbers there calls trump entertaining. >> i kind of which i had that same sort of mentality, oh, listen, i don't need to tell you anything, when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. >> reporter: carly fiorina about the face. >> this is the face of a 51-year-old woman. i am proud of every year and
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every single wrinkle. >> reporter: dr. ben carson, now the number two republican. trump called the world renowned neurosurgeon an okay doctor. >> it's pretty narrow minded when somebody says, he's a neurosurgeon so he only knows how to do medicine. that's crazy. >> reporter: meantime, bernie sanders continues to draw huge crowds. this one last night in virginia. >> if we were talking about donald trump, bernie sanders would be our biggest story of this campaign so far. >> reporter: but he's big but he doesn't seem to be as big as donald trump is certainly right now because of the numbers that he's pulling and that seems to be the case headed into tomorrow night's debate. michael? >> a lot of people watching what happens there. tracie, thank you so much. you know that famous expression, tv expression, you're fired. it could be replaced by arnold schwarzenegger. he's talking about becoming the host on "celebrity apprentice." nbc says he's a really good fit
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to replace donald trump. "celebrity apprentice" returns to nbc 4 next year. 5:20 now. a hotel in southeast nebraska had a hard time getting rid of an unwanted guest. it was a deer. surveillance video shows that deer wandering into the lobby just past the front desk. it got trapped in the hotel's laundry room. authorities were able to get the animal out and return it to the wild. they get so scared. >> skittish, slippery. scary stuff. 5:20 right now. straight ahead, local lawmaker picking a fight with fantasy football. >> they say politics doesn't matter. what eli manning said before that critical play that has some giants fans scratching their heads. you're watching "today in new york."
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5:23 now. if you watched football this weekend no doubt you saw ads like these for fantasy football sites. they claim payouts for real money. now frank pollone is calling for a hearing examining their legality. they want to know their relationship to sports and sports betting. in most states internet gambling is there. they dance around whether it's out and out gambling. >> right. i think it probably is. giants fans were already beside themselves after the team's loss to dallas. i can tell you this much, this
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is not going to help. >> the giants had a chance to put the game away. they had a late touchdown. we've learned that eli manning told running back rashad jennings not to score on two consecutive plays. manning said he lost track of how many time-outs the cowboys had. he mistook the incomplete pass which he took instead of taking a sack gaffe the cowboys enough time to go down the field for the game-winning score. >> oh, no. >> so -- >> 5:24 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. you can understand how you would lose track in the midst of a game? >> i've lost track of what time it is right now. >> the first game, isn't that a more crucial one? >> good point. >> that's how i feel about that. >> you can recover when it's the first game. >> you have guys on the booth, guys on the field. >> you would think the checks and balances. >> maybe a little communication. >> nah. >> it's early. >> it's early. >> no communication, must be in
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the news business. oh! >> let's stay out there. 84, lots of sunshine today. a pleasant afternoon after a cool start. some 40s in the suburbs. another cool start but a warmer finish today. 66 the low tonight but the clear sky and back into the mid and upper 80s for high temperatures for the middle of this week. summer not leaving just yet. comfortable. >> very good. >> improvements for the commute. we had a suspension on the f train no longer out there. take a look at your checklist. major commuter lines doing well. metro-north, transit impact running close to schedule. overall the roads are in good shape. the fdr drive. things moving along nicely. road work has been wrapped up. smooth sailing there and over on the west highway. 5:26 now. ahead, a massive reward in a terrifying crime spree that's going on out west. plus, an unexpected stop for people on a packed plane. what police say one woman did
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that forced its pilots to land quickly. >> reporter: and i'm katherine creag live at the united nations. we're days away from hundreds of world leaders converging on new york city. this is the same time pope francis visits town. we'll tell you what this means. how it will impact you with security and traffic coming up. if you're headed out the door, take us with you. download the news 4 app. we'll be right back.
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right now we're one week away from pope francis's arrival here in the united states, and this morning we have a better picture of the massive security plan. plus, some breaking news overnight. flood waters sweeping people away. this morning several are dead. many more are missing. new this morning, police need your help to find the man caught on camera. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:30 a.m. on this tuesday. it's september 15th. middle of the month. i'm michael gargiulo. >> yes, i'm kerry barrett. darlene has this morning off. she'll be back tomorrow. >> chris cimino, tuesday, your least favorite day but pretty decent weather. >> i can handle this one. perfect weather. nice, crisp and cool especially in the suburbs. city not bad at 63 degrees.
5:27 am
north shore, nassau county. 56 islip. 40s sussex, bridgewater, monticello down to 46. crisp, cool start, indeed. little warmer and less breeze in the afternoon. just as sunny if not sunnier. lots of sun from sun up to sun down. 78 degrees forecasting a high of 84. i guess you're buying, lauren. it's your turn. >> you know it. my treat. what's not a treat right now is the new york state through way. route 59. you can see delays really pretty heavy through here. watch out for a slow ride. leave yourself extra time. then if you're traveling through new jersey in the randolph area route 10 westbound watch out for a downed pole. dover chester road. delays very minor here. we'll have more weather, traffic coming up on the 4s. lauren, thank you very much. we are just one week away from pope francis's arrival here in the united states. this morning we have new information about the security plans and complicating matters
5:28 am
for the nypd and other agencies, the u.n. general assembly starts today. new york's katherine creag is on the east side. kat, they're putting the word out if you have business in manhattan next week, you might want to change plans around? >> reporter: right. reschedule. don't have any visitors come to go your office. today as you mentioned, michael, the first official day of the general assembly. still considered a pretty normal day. calm day relatively speaking here at the u.n. aside from that you have police officers along fifth avenue. that flashing light you see over there, police officer outside of the state department office. the u.s. mission. what does this mean when the pope arrives next week? mayor de blasio, commissioner bratton along with officials from the nypd, secret service and fbi met to show us weapons and protective gear that will be used during the pope's visit. pope francis arrives next thursday. in town at the same time nearly 200 world leaders, including president obama, for the general assembly.
5:29 am
the pope will visit the 9/11 memorial, museum, central park, saint patrick's cathedral. this will be an incredible inconvenience. the mayor said when it comes down to it, it's a benefit for the city. >> for many, many new yorkers who happen not to be catholic, this will be an equally extraordinary moment because his holiness has become, i would argue, the single strongest voice of conscious anywhere in the world. >> reporter: and expects crowds at the various places that the pope will be. tickets are required for processions on fifth avenue and in central park. no weapons. no glass or metal bottles. no signs. no selfie sticks. michael, i think on social media you said, no drones. yes, air space security, that is also an issue. you might have even some air space issues with the helicopters, the news helicopters that want to fly over. as for any kind of traffic
5:30 am
issues, road closures is on our website nbcnew back to you, michael? >> you have to check, kat. it will move depending where pope francis is during his time here in new york? >> reporter: right. you have federal agents and you have the local police ready for anything wherever he might go, if he mingles with the crowd as well. >> note they're not exactly encouraging that. kat, thank you very much. we appreciate it. exciting news, jennifer hudson will be one of those performing in madison square garden. harry connick jr. will be there. it will include gloria estefan and while pope francis will not start speaking until about 6:30 that night, organizers believe all that star power will encourage everyone to get there early. no doubt. posted information on the pope's visit including his scheduled stops. you can head any time to for the latest information. 5:34. breaking news to get to out of utah. that's where flash flood waters are responsible for killing people. there's a search underway for five more still missing.
5:31 am
most of them are young children and their mothers. they were in two cars swept away. we're seeing video of one of those rescues like this one. the car was starting to float downstream in hill dale, utah. near the arizona border. a local fire chief says he hasn't seen anything like this in quite a while. meanwhile, in northern california they are desperate for rain. wildfires there continue to burn out of control. very fast-moving flames. they are leaving a path of destruction and of death. this is an aggressive valley fire. the wind fueled flames have burned 95 square miles, chased about 23,000 people out of their homes and then in middletown residents have been forced to evacuate. they've returned to find that their homes and everything that they owned is gone, burned to the ground. more than 11,000 firefighters are still battling the flames. they have had a tough season.
5:32 am
>> such a tough season. >> can't catch a break. >> they certainly can't. now chris cimino, you were saying a moment ago, one of the concerns they have is they can't seem to stop that fire from when it decides to change paths. >> we've heard firefighters say, we've got to get out of here. we can't do anything. it's sad to watch the people. in the meantime, weather picture, we're in good shape. we're on a run to see more nice weather. starting out on the cool side especially in the suburbs, 40s and 50s. sunshine, we've got it all day long. 100% sunshine. not as breezy as yesterday. it was nice and refreshing. i think a little less breeze. high temperatures getting back into the low and mid 80s. commuter cast starts up this morning. morning commute will be bright and sunny. 64 degrees. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. by the time you come on home this evening still looking at a clear sky with sunshine and temperature around 80. forecasting high of 84. rest of the seven day forecast
5:33 am
coming up on the 4s. your commute. >> oh, boy. for the morning commute, long island expressway eastbound out before exit 26. we now have an overturned vehicle that shuts down two lanes in the east bound lanes and westbound you do have emergency vehicles blocking the left lane. the westbound delays are starting to get bad. certainly a spot to avoid. head to the grand central parkway. i will continue to keep you updated on that. if you're getting on the buses, a few detours. bx 5, bx 24 and q 50. other buses moving along nicely. including sub ways, everything looks good. alternate side street parking rules are suspended but meter rules still apply. lauren, thank you. new this morning, a vicious attack in the bronx. a woman mugged, thrown to the ground as she walked into a building. the entire thing was caught on camera. "today in new york's" tracie strahan was in bedford park. police just released some of this video, correct?
5:34 am
>> reporter: just hours ago, kerry. it happened last wednesday. it happened at 8:00 at night. authorities have been able to compile the video that shows the relentless assault on the woman all for her pocketbook. it starts with this security camera video where you can clearly see the suspect. police say he's between 5'8" and 5'11". he's bald and wearing gloves as he's approaching the apartment building's vestibule. things turn violent. he grabs a 40-year-old victim as she grabs the door. he grabs her from behind and tries to take her purse right off of her shoulder but when she resists he punches the woman right in the face. then he goes back for more trying to rip the pocketbook from her shoulder all while she's on the ground. after that struggle according to authorities he threat eastbound on east 201st street. now we can show you photos. the posters have been put up in
5:35 am
that building trying to alert the subpublic about the subject. he left on a bike. when it comes down to it, he left with nothing. anyone with any information on who the suspect can be. that woman, kerry, she had to go to the hospital for injuries. authorities are telling us this morning she's supposed to make a full recovery. back to you. >> that's good news. those are some pretty clear pictures. hopefully they'll be able to track this guy down. tracie, thank you. 5:38. a long island man charged with robbing a grieving family, a family he had known for years. police arrested jonathan hoffman on sunday. he broke into that family's home in valley stream back in march stole cash, jewelry and checkbooks at the time the homeowner was at a nearby chapel attending his wife's funeral. harold pines carol pines had lost a seven year battle with cancer. >> he figured everybody would be gone for the funeral. his wife went to the funeral. >> hoffman was arrested after he
5:36 am
tried to cash, according to police, a $10,000 check from a stolen checkbook. hoffman's attorney says his client suffers from mental health issues. new this morning, the search for a man wanted for killing a professor in mississippi has come to a violent end. he fatally shot himself last night. he was the focus of an all day manhunt after allegedly shooting professor ethan schmidt in his office at delta state university. lamb is also suspected of killing his girlfriend in their home 300 miles away from the school. meanwhile, the reward now more than double for the arrest of the arizona freeway sniper. officials have under the -- upped the reward to $50,000. nobody has been killed by a 13-year-old girl was cut by shattered glass that was hit by a bullet. this past weekend three 18-year-olds were arrested in a string of copy cat crimes using sling shots. 5:40 now.
5:37 am
we're just now learning that hungary is declaring a state of emergency because of the migrant crisis that they're facing. new laws went into effect last night. it allows police to detain anyone caught crossing illegally into that nation. many refugees have tried to sneak in before the deadline went underway. european ministers meeting now to discuss the crisis. they can't agree at this point on ways to share the migrants among the various countries. >> they're being overwhelmed. >> wanting them to go to scandinavia, germany, austria. 5:41, should you take it, not take it? new recommendations adding to a debate about a pill that a lot of people take every single day. >> i've never seen that, are you? >> and what a fan did at a major league game. well, it got him thrown out of the stadium. >> all righty. and of course weather and traffic on the 4s straight ahead. you're watching "today in new york."
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balls and snatch them away from players. adrian gonzalez chasing a ball. there he goes. there's the fan. he makes the catch but the fan in the front row will not give up. he graps gonzalez's glove. he's got the glove, he's wrestling him trying to get the bam. it's a baseball. he came away empty handed but a few -- he puts his hands up. nothing to see here. escorted out of the stadium. >> of course he did. who are these people? >> me and my proud wife will be exiting. she cowared out. >> settle down, honey. >> the kids. i've never seen that before. >> can't be doing that, wrestling the player for the ball. >> we wrestle one another for reads but that's off camera. nobody sees that. >> but that? that was crazy. all right. he deserved to get ousted. >> he did. in the meantime, we're in pretty good shape out here this morning. this always throws me off when they wash the sidewalks down. did i miss that shower?
5:42 am
it's wet. no, didn't rain, cleaning the sidewalks at "30 rock." in pretty good shape throughout the day. a warmer day, lots of sunshine, low humidity. another perfect one to be outdoors. if you can sneak time out at lunchtime, do it. 63 degrees. we are the warmer spot, 40s and 30s. really near perfection next several days. no rain in the dry pattern. that is kind of not the good news unfortunately. 49 in high point. 51 delaware water gap. 48 franklin. generally 40s and 50s through northwest new jersey, oakland 51. 50 in danbury, connecticut. 63 in the city. even down to the shore the low 50s in long branch. after a very cool start we anticipate temperatures bouncing back into the 80s this afternoon. nothing, nada going on here in the eastern half of the country. high pressure in charge. something going on providing clear sky, lots of sunshine. that's about it. no rain. no even organized areas of clouds. we are watching a few organized areas of clouds coming off the
5:43 am
african coast here in the tropics. this one has a 40% chance of becoming a tropical system and this one a 60% chance. we'll watch it over the next 24 to 48 hours. in the meantime back home here, nothing but this. sunshine. a cool morning. a warm afternoon. 84. tonight a clear sky. 66 in midtown. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. probably fewer 40s and more 50s as this moderating trend continues. tomorrow 87 the expected high with the west to southwest breeze. the key in all of this, the humidity stays low. there. speaking of baseball, marlins and mets, mets trying to make it nine in a row. 77 degrees. perfection. that's the mets. temperature will be nice, too. 80s friday, saturday, sunday. stray passing shower on sunday, that would be it. it turns cooler next week. seven day outlook, pretty much dry. sun symbols across the board. upper 80s for wednesday and thursday. back to the middle 80s friday and saturday.
5:44 am
little bit cooler on monday with a high of 76 degrees. getting interesting for the commute, lauren? >> if you want to call it interesting. unfortunately the long island expressway in queens, we have an overturned vehicle. that shuts down the eastbound lanes between exit 25 utopia parkway and exit 6. delays minor eastbound. you'll be able to get off a service road. westbound blocking the left lane there. you can see that's where the delay is. it's the rubber necking getting into this area. grand central parkway, that's the way to go. a new accident in rye new york. northbound before bothenpost road. heading over to new jersey, we have a downed pole in the road on route 10 westbound out by dover chester road. one lane gets by here. thankfully the rales look pretty good and otherwise the roads do as well. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today. you need to pay the meter. we will have more weather and
5:45 am
traffic ahead on the 4s. 5:48. health news for you. nyu releasing a study that confirms the serious consequences of breathing in air pollution. the study is linking the tiny particles in the air that we breathe and absorb to an increased risk of death and a rise in heart disease. researchers are planning to look more closely at the studies to see if they're coming from cars or factories. new recommendations adding to that aspirin debate. a government task force says that daily dose of aspirin could help people in their 50s and 60s could help prevent a first-time stroke. it could help prevent against colon cancer. there are doctors who are quick to point out that daily aspirin poses risks. 5:49 now. a disruptive passenger forced a plane heading from miami to chicago to make an emergency landing. cell phone video showing police leading that passenger off the plane. the woman had allegedly struck
5:46 am
another passenger then hit a flight attendant as she was being restrained. she got escorted off the plane. the woman as she was going off could be heard saying, call my mom. >> mom's very proud. 5:49 right now. you may remember the american heroes who stopped the would-be terrorist in france. on thursday two are getting high military honors. spencer stone was approved for a purple heart. he nearly lost his thumb. his injuries are considered combat related when he and his two buddies overtook that gunman on the train. another hero, national guards man alec scar lat tow will get the army soldiers medal. three army police officers just had a shift they will likely not forget any time soon. that's thanks to a baby girl who couldn't wait to meet the world. sophie elizabeth born on the parkway sunday. her parents had rushed to the hospital earlier in the day. they were told baby wasn't ready to come out yet. after everyone -- moms have had
5:47 am
that experience, after returning home stephanie's water broke so back to the hospital, this time in an ambulance. as they were racing to the arrived. >> the best one was seeing the father's face when we got to the hospital and i said, congratulations. he's like, what? >> they were very professional, very calm and they kept us calm. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> great job there. we're told little sophie, big girl, 8 pounds 8 ounces. that's great to see. and both she and mom are doing fine. >> 411 is the code before you go to the hospital. you have to have a contraction every four minutes, it has to last a minute, it has to happen for an hour before they'll let you in. just a little fyi having been there recently myself. 5:51. it will cost millions. how technology is being used to try to help with new york city's traffic problems. taking place. time is running out. they're trying to find a little
5:48 am
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welcome back. 5:54 right now. new york city is becoming a testing ground for the future of making cars safer. 10,000 cars, buses and trucks
5:51 am
will be retrofit. it warns drivers about congestion. it allows the cars to communicate with one another to avoid crashes. the city is getting $20 million to help develop this technology. it will be focused on mid town and parts of brooklyn are getting it as well. >> that's pretty cool. >> in the meantime, the congestion is going off. >> help with that. >> 24 hour thing. what can you do? >> nice and easy going weather wise. today. little bit warmer. yesterday in the 70s. nice breeze with the sunshine. today plenty of sunshine. little less breeze and a little more warmth. humidity stays down. 84. if it was chilly for some of you. >> nope. >> much nicer today at 84. a cool start. then tonight 66 the low with the clear sky. less in the way of 40s showing up in the burbs. most suburbs in the 50s overnight. really, carries into the week end. >> i like the fall. the fall is a little crispness to the air. >> i love it, too.
5:52 am
>> crispness not christmas. >> in stores next week. >> i have good news for the commute. the long island expressway, we're going to start with your commuter checklist. metro-north, long island north and nj transit on schedule with the exception of the princeton shuttle which is also known as the dinky. no service out there. that's all because of mechanical problems. >> the what? >> it's known as the dinky. we can talk about it. the long island expressway, westbound you can see delays building. we had an accident. overturned vehicle shut down all lanes eastbound by exit 26. all lanes have reopened. westbound, normal congestion out there. that's a very good update for long island expressway commuters this morning. thanks so much. in queens the hunt's back on for a young reptile. baby alligator once again spotted in flushing meadow park. this time spotted by a jogger. earlier this year police named the critter jaws. >> not dinky.
5:53 am
>> he went back into the water to get it. commercial fisherman tried to hook it. they say time is running out because the temperature is going to change. >> they can't acclimate to this weather. he will die off. >> joe had no luck catching the little gator. it's about two feet long. police say -- he says, rather, people bring them into our areas pets and they let them go when they get too big. they're at their risk. we don't have the right temperatures. >> no, it's beginning to get chilly. 5:56. next at 6:00, a hungry bear goes on a food run. we'll show you where he went to take a nap after filling his belly. also at 6:00 a.m., the most valuable team in the nfl. we'll tell you who's topping the list and we'll also tell you where the giants are on that. all righty. we'll tell you if you're about to head out the door, download the news 4 app on your mobile device. right now. we are back in two minutes. you're watching "today in new york."
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5:56 am
plus the city's largest security challenge ever. what's happening now ahead of the pope's visit. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone, 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday, september 15th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene today. >> chris cimino in with the forecast. as they say in the movies, nothing happening here. >> nothing to see here. i want you to see this. you really want to soak up the sunshine for the next few days around here. it is a little bit on the cool side especially up towards the north. 52 montgomery, definitely crisp and cool in the burbs. city not bad, 65 degrees.
5:57 am
we'll be the warm spot. by noon, 78 degrees. lots of sunshine. less wind today, too. pect a high of 84 degrees. few seconds ndter 6:00 a.m. in the morning. some trouble spots. everything copacetic so far, lauren? >> one trouble spot. way. accidentarlocking two lanes out there. you can see delays building here. then let's head over to queens. we dti have an overturned vehicle that shut down the eastbound l.i.e. delays easing out. heavy rubber necking delays. heavy delays on the grand central parkway. 're getting reports of an acci nt. ad bk to the l.i.e. that might be your better bet. more weather and traffic coming up o thes. >> lauren, thank you very much. you can expect to see gridlock on the east side as the u.n. general assembly gets drderway today. this is just a taste of heightened security we'reoing see once pope francis arrives next week. katherine creag is on the east side.
5:58 am
we focused so much on the pope's visit. we forget aboute he general assembly visit. lots of traffic tie-ups. >> reporter: michael, that and that alone is a huge challenge for the nypd. you have h tdreds of world leaders in town. the first day of the annual general assembly and then you have pope francis vis, ing new york city. we're hearing from the vatican about the trip. there's a press conference happening right now in italy. we understand this is the longest trip outside of italy for pope francis when he goes t cuba, d.c., new york, iladelphia. here in new york he covers quite a lot of ground and our cameras went to the command center at the nypd. that is where mayor de blasio, commissioner grate ton, nypd, secret service and fbi talked about the kind of security that will take place when pope francis is here. they showed us the kinds of weapons and protective gear that will be used to protect pope francis and the public when they want to see him. he arrives next thursday at kennedy airport.
5:59 am
that evening he has a prayer servie at saint patrick's cathedral. the next day he'll visit the 9/11 museum, a school in harlem. this is all at the same time nearly 200 world leaders including president obama are in new york. police commissioner bratton talked about the pope's visit. >> we could keep him in as tight a bubble as we could, but this poetpe has made it quite clear as he's traveled around the world that that's not what he does. >> reporter: and pope francis, he will depart new york city by kennedy airport. he'll go to philadelphia saturday morning, september 26th, early in the morning. as for road closures, they're on our website, michael. just for the general assembly, there are so many road closures on the east side. expect even more really across as well. back to you. >>9, going to be ahbusy week and a half here.
6:00 am
changes around new york city, details on the special papal concert, check out our website, nbcnew breaking news out west where more rt cue teams are preparing xi search for five people missing in flash floods. eight people confirmed dead. at is in hill dale, utah. it is near the arizona border. we would like to give you a look at the problem. the sudden wall of water. it swept away two cars. 16 people inside. their moms. and we're getting a video or getting a look, rather, at the video of the desperate ressue effort. people saved, some of t hem washed away. that area hit by just incredibly heavy rains over the past few days. the "today" show following all of the breaking developments out of utah. they'll have the latest straight ahead at 7:00. right now in northern california fire crews are struggling to try and get the upper hand on raging wildfires there. the fast-moving flames are ripping through neighborhoods, even entire towns.
6:01 am
the aggressive valley fire north of san francisco, one o ithe most destructive fires ever to hit the state. winds have fueled flames, they've scorched 95 square miles. there's about 23,000 people that had to leave their homes. in middletown, california, residents forced to evacuate. they've gone back to their homes. unfortunately they found everything they owned destroyed. many though just grateful to escape. >> as far as i'm concerned, as long as people get out and the animals get out, everything else, just junk. >> more than 11,000 firefighters are working to try and break this fire. the fire in this drought-stricken state barely 10% contained. this was the question i had for chris, kerry. the drought here, just adding to the problems, kris? >> everything is super dry and tinder. >> right. e thing sets them off and the wind problems is what's spreading it.
6:02 am
there's not a great side. >> the next several days to come. especially in the suburbs, a lot of 40s and 50s. in the 60s. hine. no cloud cover to worry about. not as breezy as yesterday. temperatures a little bit warmer, too. temperature of 65 in the city while we do see a lot of 40s north and west of town and 50s in the nearby burbs. look at the sun symbols. noon, sunny, 78. we peak at 84 degrees. still at 6:00 a pleasant 80 degrees. we'll have the seven day forecast. 6:06. lauren scala is here with your commute. >> let's talk about mass transit. getting on the buses, a couple of detours. bx 5, bx 24 and q 50. if you aregs getting on the trains, everything looks good. and alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today but you still do need m
6:03 am
pay ote meters. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. the man wanted for gunning down a college professor in mississippi has been found dead. police say that 45-year-old shannon lamb fatally shot himself while he was being followed last night. police have been searching for him all day after ethan schmidt, a professor at delta state university was killed in his office. lamb is also suspected of murdering his girlfriend. no word yet on a possible motive. it's 6:06 now. new this morning police are identifying the bicyclist who died in a tragic accident on staten island. police say 21-year-old alexa cioffi was riding her bike when a boat being towed by a black pickup truck detached in front of her. she was crushed. 22-year-old woman was also hit. she is in the hospital this morning in critical condition. no word if the driver towing that boat will face any charges. also happening today, the bronx woman accused of sicking her two pit bulls on another man is due in court.
6:04 am
55-year-old cynthia oliver faces ght counts of assault and two charges of reckless endangerment. police say last friday she unleashed her dogs, i should say, on 62-year-old francesco bour b bouver. he was mal d f r six minutes. >> they jumped at me and one bit me. he punctured the skin so i had to go get a tetanus shot. >> they were a time bomb waiting to happen. it was just a matter of time. >> those dogs are at the animal care center for a ten day rabies observation. the owner, cynthia oliver, has 37 prior arrest joos 6:08. in presidential politics, donald trump plans a rally this time in los angeles. this is on the eve of the next gop presidential debate. last night he fired up nearly 17,000 supporters in an arena in dallas. trump not onl calling for tax cuts for corporations and for the middle class but he talks once again about building that
6:05 am
big wall along the border with mexico. >> it's disgusting what's happening to our country. we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. we are a dumping ground. >> outside of the arena hundreds of people marched in what they called a dump trump rally. >> very controversial. >>s in this morning's cnbc money report. it may only be mid september, not even the end of september, but the holiday shopping rush is already in full swing. cnbc's landon dowdy is joining us. >> more than 32 million americans say they've already started their holiday shopping. a new survey by credit say 4 million have checked everything off of their list. 1/4 of people expect to be finished by the end of november. experts say if you're on a budget you're more likely to get a head start to take advantage of lay away programs and make bigger purchases without running
6:06 am
up your credit card debt. how about them cowboys. topped forbes annual list of the most valuable team. $4 billion. the patriots at 3.2 billion while the washington redskins are third at 2.8 billion. the giants and san francisco 49ers round out the top five. who do you root for this football season? >> i'm still thinking about the 4 million people done with the christmas shopping. >> i still can't get over that. >> i'm on a budget but holy cow. >> i hear ya. >> i was in the store two, three weeks ago. i saw the halloween stuff out. >> that freaked me out. >> easter stuff out now. >> stop. >> michael -- >> no, not yet. >> we appreciate it. still ahead, talk more football now, this time a penalty for fantasy football. lawmakers questioning the most popular game you see advertised. up next, we'll show you where this little guy decided to take a nap after going on a food run.
6:07 am
plus, weather and traffic coming up. this is the tan pan zee bridge there. you're watching "today in new york."
6:08 am
6:09 am
6:10 am
here's four things to know this morning. expet to see gridlock on the east side as the united nations general assembly gets underway today. of course pope francis will address the general assembly when he visits new york next week. also, still no deal in the school bus driver strike in long island. a dozen schools could be impacted by a possible strike. authorities in pennsylvania will have more to say about the murder charges being filed in the hazing death of a baruch college student. five members of a fraternity are
6:11 am
being charged with third degree murder. an additional 32 members may face other charges, among them assault. right now police looking for the person who threw a bike in front of a moving train. a metro-north train had just left the station on webster avenue in the bronx. the conductor slammed on the brakes but the incident caused delays for hours. 6:14 right now. time for wetter ather and traffic on the 4s. >> chris, going to try to go a day or so. >> maybe even longer than that. into the weekend. chilly 40s and 50s. the city is not bad at 65. not only today, tomorrow, the next several days carrying us through at least saturday. any chance of rain and it's diminishing the way it looks right now would be on sunday with a brief passing shower. the dry pattern continues. in terms of normal high, 6 is where we should be this time of year for the date. 84 is where we're expected to go this afternoon. again, above normal. looks like a string of 80 plus
6:12 am
degree days heading our way. ragweed and the weed pollen is the issue. pollens also high. with the dry air and wind blowing it around, it gets around easily. 65 in the park, 64 city island, 64 jfk. get outside of the five boroughs in the 60s. 48 out in the pine baron. it's 54 newberg, 51 poughkeepsie. a lot of 40s northern half of new jersey. future tracker, not a lot to talk about here. we have sunshine heading our way. this is 1:00 in the afternoon. the perspective overnight tonight. move the cloud forward. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. nice, sunny start right through the afternoon. nice, sunny finish again. thursday, lots of sunshine anticipated. maybe a couple of clouds pop to the north and west for us. thursday afternoon. for today, beautiful 84 degrees. plenty of sunshine. little less breeze and warmer. 50s in most nearby suburbs with a clear sky and light wind overnight. in the 80s thursday, friday, saturday.
6:13 am
barely a cloud in the sky. humidity level not bad. sunday a weak disturbance slides on through with the possibility of a brief shower and behind that it does turn a little bit cooler. really seasonable early next week. 84 today. then we're in the upper 80s. middle 80s friday. lower 80s over the weekend. high in the 70s by the time we get to monday. tracking some issues this morning for the commute. what's the latest, lauren. >> things starting to improve a little bit. accident on the new england through way northbound. we have a new problem on the l.i.e. and the queens. we have ky simonson. westbound lanes by exit 19. you can see we reported this as a disabled vehicle. it looks like it could be a minor accident. it's in the center lane. bit of a slow right. delays, they're building out there. they go back past the grand central parkway. head over to the service road or grand central parkway. that's certainly a better option right now.
6:14 am
let's head over to a much prettier picture. that's route 3 in new jersey. things moving really nicely in both directions. you see a pretty sunrise over the skyline. that's what i really wanted to show you. traffic moving nicely is pretty, too. route 10 for our new jersey commuters, this is the only real accident we have reported out there. westbound by dover chester road. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. you need to feed the meters. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. 6:18. a state of emergency is in effect in southern hungary because of the migrant crisis. we'll take you there live now. we're going show you the border. there you see the border crossing. a lot of pictures there. hungarian police threatening to arrest anyone who crosses into hungary from serbia which is to the south illegally. this is because of a new law. this new law went into effect last night. there you can see migrants after their long journey, they've
6:15 am
crossed the med did he terrainian from places like iraq, syria of course and also tragedy as well in that crossing. we're learning of more deaths. 22 people drowned off the coast of turkey. apparently they were migrants and they were aboard a sinking wooden boat. >> so many of them are willing to take such drastic risks to move onto the chance for a better life. >> we'll be covering that story in depth as it continues. it's 6:18. a flight from miami to chicago had to make an emergency landing in indianapolis because of an unruly passenger. cell phone video showing a woman being escorted off of american airlines flight 1284. last night they're saying she hit another passenger and then hit a member of the flight crew while they were restraining her. fortunately fortunately, nobody was injured. the flight continued on to chicago just about an hour later. the kentucky clerk thrown in jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses has
6:16 am
returned to work. kim dafrs vis is still not issuing licenses to same-sex couples but she says she will not stop her deputies from doing so. one did in front of camera people yesterday. protesters were there as well. davis claims they were not valid without her own name and title. she is the county clerk the the federal judge insists they are legal. davis says she ace tired of all the attention. >> i don't want to have this conflict conflict. i don't want to be in the spotlight. i don't want to be a whipping post. i want to serve my neighbors quietly without violating my conscience. >> davis is an app ostolic christian. she stopped giving out the licenses after they legalized same-sex marriage. this baby bear wandered into a colorado springs pizza shop yesterday.
6:17 am
he knew where he was going. he ate a lot of icing apparently. police were called and it turns out he was nursing a wouldn'ted -- wounded paw. they'll give him antibiotics and stitch him up. >> good luck. >> 6:20 right now. still ahead, a possible health break through. a certain diet might reduce the risk of breast cancer. all right. plus a death defying drive. we'll show you the record breaking attempt involving one globe. >> an afternoon commute. don't forget to visit the nbc new york 4 team. twitter and we'll be right back.
6:18 am
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it gave the cowboys enough time to go down the field for the game-winning score. you would think there would be a few more checks and
6:22 am
balances in place, right? >> the touchdown, then you get 6. >> i'm lost. they really dropped that one. >> i guess so. >> they get paid very well. >> they do. >> to do that. all right. in the meantime, we're going to get a chance to show you a beautiful day coming up. lots of sunshine. starts out a little cool this morning, in the 40ed and 50s. 60s in the city. a little bit milder than it was in the city. in the suburbs it's chillier. by afternoon we all warm to 80 to 85. most locations humidity is low. clear skies, 66 tonight. some 40s and 50s again in the suburbs north and west. we keep this roll going and it may carry into most of the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. >> we'll talk about the commute. how is it going, lauren? >> disabled vehicle on the l.i.e. that has cleared out. if you're heading towards the hudson river crossing, george washington bridge no delays on either level. over on the lincoln you'll need 15 minutes. between the turnpike and the
6:23 am
tolls. holland tunnel is 10 minutes from both approaches. not so bad right now. take a live look outside at the gowanus expressway. nice shot but it's a slow ride. some road work out there past the merger. expect things to be moving quite slowly through there. leave yourself extra time. >> lauren, thank you very much. up next, get ready for tight security around the city. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live at united nations. we are days away from hundreds of world leaders converging. it will happen the same time pope francis is in town. we're getting updates on the vatican for the visit and what kind of vehicle he'll be using. that's coming up. >> reporter: and police want your help in tracking down the suspect behind a violent robbery attempt here in the bronx that turned into an attack. i'm tracie strahan. the video authorities want you to see this morning. that's straight ahead. if you're about to head out
6:24 am
the door. take us with you. keep watching "today in new york." download the news 4 app on your mobile device. do it now. we'll be back.
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6:26 am
6:27 am
now it's 6:30. new details on pope francis's visit to our area. new information just in from the vatican. also new this morning, a violent robbery caught on camera. can you help police catch the man responsible. plus, getting connected. there's a new pilot program launching in our area. it can make your commute safer. "today in new york" starts now. talking a lot about the commute over the next week. good morning, it's 6:30 on tuesday, september 15th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> it could be a rough couple of weeks as far as the commute goes. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene today. >> chris cimino is here with the weather forecast. >> michael, kerry, easy going once again today. it is on the cool side of the suburbs. sussex county, 54. north babylon. saville, the city with the milder spot at 65 degrees. a good portion of the northern half of new jersey, a lot of 40s.
6:28 am
40s and 50s hudson valley. a cool, crisp start out there. plan on needing the shade. little outdoor lunch, that's it. forecasting a high of 84 degrees. let's see how the commute is rolling along so far. some ups and downs, right, lauren? >> there are a lot of accidents on the road. delays in the normal spots on the bqe getting into the area of the lower east river crossing, that's really slow right now. the cross bronx expressway is slow. there is a disabled vehicle westbound by the major deeg began. you can see it slowing down getting into this area. other side getting into the george washington bridge, the tolls no delay at all. nice ride there. route 10, still have an accident westbound by dover chester road. one lane gets by. a downed poll so you might want to avoid this this morning. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. lauren, thanks very much. we're going to continue to talk about traffic. the u.n. general assembly gets underway. city planning some major changes
6:29 am
ahead of pope francis's visit to our area. katherine creag's on the east side with new information. kat? >> reporter: right. yes, 200 world leaders, michael, nearly 200 will be here at the united nations next week. that in and of itself is a challenge for the nypd. imagine the pope mobile here on first avenue as well because he will address the u.n. next week. also we're learning about the pope mobile. it will be an open roof jeep wrangler. that's what he'll be traveling in. wherever the pope goes, federal agents, local police will be right there with him. in fact, at the nypd's command center we saw mayor de blasio, commissioner bratton and the secret service and fbi meeting to talk about security and to show us the types of weapons and protective gear that will be used to protect the pope and the public. the pope arrives next thursday. also in town nearly 200 world leaders including president obama for the 70th session of
6:30 am
the general assembly. the pope will visit saint patrick's cathedral, the 9/11 memorial and museum, central park on friday as well as a school in harlem. he'll celebrate mass in madison square dpard den. city leaders admit this will be a big inconvenience. the mayor says it will be a benefit for the city. >> for many, many new yorkers who happen not to be catholic, this will be an equally extraordinary moment because his holiness has become, i would argue, the single strongest voice of conscience anywhere in the world. >> reporter: another update from the vatican. just minutes ago the address here at the united nations from pope francis, it will be in spanish. also, michael, road closures and all sorts of other traffic information is on our website, the jeep wrangler, open rooftop. that is the pope mobile. we've seen it before. >> kat, i was looking at pictures before. it is a jeep wrangler.
6:31 am
a little longer than the normal one. it is a jeep. the holy father will be four wheeling it here in new york city. >> reporter: right. he'll have to wave to the other jeep wrangler drivers. >> thank you so much for that new information there. more information on security changes around the city. details on a special papal concert. check out our website, it's 6:34 right now. authorities in pennsylvania have a lot more to say a little bit later today about the charges that are being filed in the hazes death of a baruch student. 19-year-old michael den died two years ago following a hazing ritual in the poconos. now the fraternity and five other baruch college members are being charged with third degree murder. there are an additional 32 members that are facing other charges including assault. >> i feel that they should be behind bars because someone did pass away in this situation. >> but a lawyer for one of the accused students says the
6:32 am
charges are excessive. he believes a lot of these students will be acquit jood time for a check on the weather. we'll check in with storm team 4's chris cimino. trying to think of things to say. it's nice that it's so quiet. >> running out of ways to describe this. i will keep trying. we have another beautiful day heading our way. it's starting out on the cool side. we're talking about a day filled with 100% of sunshine. not as breezy. there are some changes taking pl e. it will be actually a little bit warmer, too, by the afternoon. as we go through our commuter cast, morning commute is sunny. 64 degrees with 40s and 50s in the suburbs. by the time you come home this evening, still looking at sunshine. again, a temperature around 80 degrees with low humidity. the forecast just ahead, speaking of the commute, here's lauren with the latest. >> thanks, chris. buses, we have a couple of details. bx 5, bx 24 and q 50.
6:33 am
getting on the roads, live look at the lincoln tunnel as the cars head into the tunlts on the helix. a 20 minute drive from the new jersey turnpike and the tolls. five minutes heading into the upper level at the george washington bridge. getting on the rales, everything looks good. major commuter lines. we have the princeton shuttle which is the dinky, that is suspended because of mechanical problems. they have requested bus service. alternate side street parking rules are suspended but you need to pay the meter. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. 6:36. new this morning, police are hoping dramatic new video will help catch a violent robber on the loose in the bronx. today new york's tracie strahan is in the bedford park section with the latest. tracie? >> reporter: well, this video, kerry, was released early this morning by the nypd. shows a very violent incident that happened inside an apartment building. when you see it it's going to be hard to believe the suspect is
6:34 am
on the loose only getting wanting to get away with a purse. the suspect is seen walking pretty calmly up to the building. he's said to be between 5'8" and 5'11". at this point when he has his gloves on there, you can see he's walking towards the apartment building's vestibule. things become violent from there. he approaches a 40-year-old victim but then he grabs her from behind, tries to take the purse right off of her shoulder. when she resists he punches this woman in the face and he doesn't stop there. he then tries to rip the pocketbook straight off of her shoulder right when she's on the ground. now authorities have put posters up at different buildings in the bronx including the one where this happened showing this suspect, a bald man, and they said he was last seen fleeing eastbound on east 201st street on a bicycle. the female victim was treated for a facial fracture as well as a cut to the head. she had to be hospitalized but
6:35 am
she's said to be making a full recovery afterwards, kerry. the thing about all of this, as violent as that was, he didn't get away with anything. back to you. >> unbelievable. hopefully they catch this guy. tracie, thank you. switching gears. today we expect a formal announcement of the first countywide expansion of police body cameras in new jersey. union county. police chiefs from eight local departments are joining in that effort. the cameras will record video and audio. there's been an increasing call for the cameras to help monitor police officers. a long island man charged in a heartless crime against a years. police say jonathan hoffman broke into the family's home back in march. stole cash, jewelry, checkbooks but at the time the homeowner was at a nearby chapel attending his wife' funeral. carol pines had just lost a seven-year battle with lung cancer. >> he figured in his warped mind that everybody would be gone for the funeral.
6:36 am
he was exactly correct. his wife went to the funeral. hoffman was arrested sunday after trying to cash a $10,000 check from the stolen checkbook. hoffman's attorney says that his client suffers from mental issues. the hunt is back on for a baby alligator on the loose in queens known as jaws. the animal was once again spotted in flushing meadows park. they got within a few feet trying to catch it but then it bolted away. meanwhile, a commercial fisherman and wildlife advocate, he's also trying to hook it in hopes of bringing the alligator to shore. he says time is running out due to our changing seasons. >> they can't acclimate to this weather so it will definitely die off. i'd like to catch him and relocate him. >> joe had no luck unfortunately catching jaws. the gator is just two feet long. they bring alligators into our area as pets but then they let them go. mid town manhattan and parts of brooklyn will be the testing grounds for connected cars.
6:37 am
there are 10,000 cabs, buses and trucks that will be retrofitted with this smart device hopefully by the year 2017. the smart device, this technology warns drivers about dangers and congestion. it also allows cars to communicate with one another to avoid crashes. the city is getting $20 million to help develop this technology. 6:40 now. up next, we're going to show you the death-defying stunt that's setting a new world record. plus, an aspirin addai keeps the doctor away, right? we'll tell you about new recommendations involving this popular over the counter drug. plus, weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new york" as we look at the george washington bridge there.
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new this morning, we can show a guinness world record being set. a serial production car, there it is, a 360 degree loop. this was set in a new jaguar f pace suv.
6:41 am
they did this in germany at the berlin auto show. british stunt driver terry grant had to undergo special training to survive the g forces. they said it's actually more powerful gs than you'd pull in the space shuttle. they did it there. >> they probably have all sorts of special con trap shuns in the space shuttle. >> the guy is in a car. >> jaguar. >> it's not any car, it is a jag. nonetheless. >> any roads filled with those? the on and off ramps out in the auto bon. >> 15w is the same way. >> our version of the roundabout. >> sort of feels that way. in the meantime, weather picture treating us very gently over the next several days. roads going to stay dry. the temperatures coming up a little bit. yesterday we had that hint of fall in the air. we have it again this morning. before the day is through it's going to remind us a little bit more of summer. that will be the trend for the next few days. clear skies, 64 degrees in the city. weather headlines, talked about a cool suburb this morning.
6:42 am
a lot of burbs in the 40s and 50s. near perfect weather the next several days around here. no rain in this dry pattern. there might be a brief passing shower or two on sunday in spots. that's leading to this. you can see more widespread drought pattern taking shape over the entire northeast. here concentrated around the try state. the city of long island, hudson valley. moderate drought. we do need several rainfall storms to come on through here to bring us back closer to where we should be for this time of year. again, it will take a little while. doesn't happen with one storm. 49 in stanford, 48 in fairfield. 54 in westport this hour. 65 in the city right now. back up into the 50s in morristown. morning. look at that, clear sky dominating. charge here. to the east. there's really nothing consequential to the rest that will bring us any rain. hence, the dry pattern and dry forecast persisting.
6:43 am
lots of sunshine. 84 the high. clear skies, 66 in the city. less in the way of 40s out there but a few on the fringes way north and west. 50s in most suburbs. for tomorrow looking at sunshine even warmer. the key, the humidity stays low. 87 the forecast high. city field, mets hoping to stay on that roll. beautiful night for a ball game. a lot of them at citi field like that. 87, same thing for thursday. middle 80s. good looking start to the weekend. maybe more clouds and a brief passing shower. the trend into the start of next week. let's see if the trend is good or bad on the commute. what's the latest, lauren? >> slowdowns in the usual spots. a new accident on the grand central parkway. union turnpike, blocked lane. little bit of a slow ride. l.i.e. is still more congested. grand central parkway, that's passable. you can head that way.
6:44 am
the cross bronx expressway, out by the major deeg gan. heading into the george washington bridge you have a 10 minute wait at the tolls there. 20 over at the lincoln. 15 at the holland. route 10 westbound we have this downed poll out there. only one lane gets by by dover chester road in the westbound lanes. seeing pretty heavy delays on route 80 eastbound lanes in warden. a bit of a crawl. live look outside at the garden state parkway. i'm getting my roads confused today. new jersey commuters, garden state parkway moving nicely. in for a smooth right there. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today. you still need to pay the sa meters. back to you, kerry and michael. >> thank you. 6:47. in news for your health, they say daily aspirin could help people in their 50s and 60s that could hem people. daily aspirin carries risk. you have got to speak to your
6:45 am
doctor about whether it's the right thing for you. another new study touting the health benefits of olive oil. researchers in spain asked 4,000 women to eat a mediterranean diet. fish, vegetables, that kind of stuff. in addition to that, that's the lean meats that are part of this. some of these volunteers were told to include a lot more extra-virgin olive oil. those who did had a 62% lower risk of breast cancer over the five years. arnold schwarzenegger hearing the famous words from tv, you're hired. the "terminator" movie star taking over as the host of "celebrity apprentice." nbc calling him a good fit. "celebrity apprentice" returns to nbc 4 next year. it will be interesting to see how he does. >> he'll bring his own little flair. >> i'll be back. >> there you go. 6:49. up next, the boycott calls from broadway stars. there is a tweet that is causing a major stir on the great white way.
6:46 am
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beautiful day on the queensboro bridge. east river. 6:52 now. this morning at&t has pulled an ad on twitter after a backlash from broadway. >> yeah, so the ad promoted streaming live tv during a show. here's the ad in question. you can see it reads, catch a winning play at the theater. it didn't take long. you're watching football. it didn't take long before the broadway community was outraged. they called for a boycott. at&t removed it saying the ad wasn't meant to be taken literally. >> "today" show coming up in a few minutes.
6:50 am
we want to check in with matt and savannah and see what's up today. >> michael, kerry, good to see you both. coming up on tuesday, severe flooding. ongoing search for survivors and dramatic rescues that were caught on camera. also ahead, more of our special series, where are they now? this morning two families forever changed by a fatal crash in a tragic case of mistaken id tity. then a rare live interview with former first daughter chelsea clinton with an awful lot going on in her life. plus, carol burnett stops by. lost episodes of her famous show not seen in 40 years. we can't wait when we see you on a tuesday morning. >> the harvey cormon, tim conway, the dentist who keeps missing with the novocaine may be the funniest thing i've ever seen ever. >> that show debuted 48 years ago last week. >> wow. >> 48 years. >> wow. >> seems like every generation knows it and knows the skit. >> timeless.
6:51 am
>> oh, wow. the "gone with the wind" when she comes down. >> frankly, my dear. >> we digress. >> talk to you guys soon. >> take care. all right. up next, we're going to check in with lauren to see what commuters need to watch out for. >> indeed, you are watching "today in new york." we'll be back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
new information about the holy father's visit in new york city. it comes as the u.n. general
6:54 am
assembly gets going this morning. >> katherine creag is on the east side with more. kat? >> imagine nearly 200 world leaders converging on new york city. they'll have meetings at the u.n. at the same time pope francis will be at the big apple. the nypd, we got a glimpse of the command center. they were meeting for security issues. they talked about how this will be a challenge but they are ready for it. federal agents and local police will be following the pope. we're getting updates from the vatican. we understand that pope francis will arrive at kennedy thursday afternoon. he'll take a helicopter here to manhattan manhattan, have events at saint patrick's cathedral. september 24th through the 26th. back to you, michael and kerry. >> so much going on, kat. thank you very much. tracie strahan is n the bedford park section of the bronx. the search is on for a violent robber caught on video. tracie. >> reporter: well, this morning the nypd tells us that a 40-year-old woman from this neighborhood had to be
6:55 am
hospitalized after that attempting robbery that was caught on tape. you can see a man approaching her from behind when she's trying to enter the vestibule of a building here in the bronx. he then is trying to take her purse and when she resists he punches her in the face. he goes back for more trying to take that purse off of her shoulder while she's on the ground but after a struggle authorities say that man said between between 5'8" and 5'11" foot tall fled on a bicycle. that woman is hospitalized for facial fractures and a cut to the head. of course, anyone with any information on who that man could be asked to contact police immediately. back to you. all right, tracie. thank you. time for a quick check of traffic. >> new problems since i last saw you. we have a couple of new accidents out there one of them on the belt parkway east bound by knapp street. delays back to ocean parkway there. then we have some other issues as well. my clicker is not working. disabled vehicle on the fdr drive by 116th street causing delays.
6:56 am
the at that connick northbound before bryant pond. >> all right. thanks very much. check in with chris. >> beautiful. >> thank you, chris. >> enough about me. >> oh, well. >> yes, michael, please. >> across the seven day forecast. 84 today. upper 80s wednesday, thursday. middle 80s friday. weekend looks got. saturday, 83. maybe a passing shower or two on sunday. 80s. back into the 70s on monday. humble he is. >> i know. >> call you dinky, do you know that? >> the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. ( off guard. at least eight people swept to their deaths.
6:57 am
others l still missing. farther west assive wildfires on a patc of destruction. more than 700 homes now destroyed. the headliner. donald trump's rally in dallas looking more like a rock concert. the huge crowd trump turned out in texas. >> i hear they are all going after me. whatever. whatever . >> as he tells supporters he's expecting a sugfestant tomorrow night's debate. mid-air meltdown, a woman tacks another passenger and a flight attendant on a flight to chicago. the plane has to be diverted. >> ow. ow! >> you're good. >> and she is escorted off in restraints. and first on "today," a rare live interchi view with chelsea clinton, opening up about her passions, parenti and the future of her famous family, today, tuesday, september 15s, 15. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer
6:58 am
and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. interesting to talk to chelsea clinton. she's got a new book, a new baby and that's about it. >> not about it. we're going to sit down with it, and rumor has it that her mom is also running for president. it's going to be very interesting to hear a daughter's in that race. >> looking forward to speaking >> let's begin on a tuesday though. twe natural disasters causing big problems in the west. folks in california are dealing with mountg issues from one of the worst fire seasons on record, highly in southern utah the problem,is flash flooding. nbc's ron mott has more on that. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. officials say the death toll stands at eight with another five missing including mothers and children who were traveling in a pair of vehicles carrying 16 people in all when a large wave of water hit them from behind sending them into a channel. this morning a small town is picking up the pieces after powerful flash floods swept
6:59 am
through southwest utah. the tragedy unfolding late tuesday in hilldale near the border of utah and arizona where a powerful storm triggered the floods and mud slides. >> there are stranded vehicles and hikers. >> do you have any how many personnel they need? >> whatever crews you can spare. >> reporter: officials say two vehicles were washed off a road and swept into and down a channel 100 of yards. >> the wall of water is 15, 20 feet tall, maybe 25, maybe 0 years ago i've seen something this big but never with this many people, of course. >> reporter: authorities with at least three of the vehicle occupants survived. search teams are working to locate several people believed to be missing. after the national weather service issued a flash flood warning for the area two and a half inches of water fell in two hours. hildale, utah and its sister


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